The Whore

Come hither her eyes say,
“I’m exciting with my finger play”.
She will be the one you cannot resist,
And then quickly you’ll be dismissed.

It’s a man’s world, this she knows;
This was not the life that she chose.
Dreams forever, dead and gone.
“On your knees is where you belong.”

Little do they know
She has the power now.
Threatening their happiness and lives,
By exposing secrets to wives.

Her ways are paradoxical,
Her intentions seem diabolical.
The Whore is now pathological.


No More

Deafening screams heard within the house,
As the abused woman feuds with her spouse.
Sex, money, children – No one knows.
This time she will tolerate the annihilating blows.
Constantly sanctioning his indiscretions,
Only to have to withstand the harassing criticisms.
She has been nearly vanquished – dead inside,
Her sheer rights continue to be denied.
Out of the ashes and out of the smoke,
This Phoenix rising will no longer choke.
Grabbing their kids, the cell she does leave.
Now finally, the Phoenix is FREE.

Sorry for the Inconvenience…

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The provocative kiss of your full lips,
Takes me by surprise when you grab my hips.
The blue green of your eyes let me gaze into your soul.
It’s all of my heart, dammit, that you stole.
Secret meetings, quiet places;
The Goddess in me soon awakens.
Gone is timidity,
Away with shyness.
The touch of your tongue is desirous.
My neck, your playground, yours to seize;
Enraptured, I can only whisper “Please!”

Take my delicate wrists behind my back.
I have long awaited your attack.
Exhilarating, exciting, sensual,
Excruciating thirst is unquenchable.
Secret meetings, quiet places,
Meet me in our aisle
For all of these occasions.

Your body, I covet for, nightly.
Come daylight you are etched on my psyche.
Passionately craving your body on mine,
The fire between us forever entwined.



No space, can’t breathe
Try so hard just to please.
Strangled, smothered, stifled.
It is not the sickness that has cycled.

Take her life, take her will;
Her mad reality, you cannot kill.
“Fake it , till you make it”, she was told,
But deep inside she will never be bold.

Tired of the conflict, tired of the pain.
For once her life will not be in vain.
He pushed too hard, he should have known.
Now this man reaps what he has sown.